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Jul 28

Pizza Cutters Are Back!

Chicago Connection is now offering pizza cutters. In the beginning, Chicago Connection would serve all our pizzas uncut. Delivering uncut pizza is a Chicago tradition born out of practicality. A deep dish pizza fresh out of the oven, loaded with melted, gooey cheese, flavorful sauce, and fresh toppings and placed in a pizza box can become quite messy after being cut and may take a new form in a square box. 

Jun 28

First with "Hot Oven Trucks" for Pizza Delivery in Idaho in 1982...and stil...

Chicago Connection Pizza is a mom and pop pizza shop founded in Boise, Idaho in 1982. (It is not a franchise and has no franchisees.) This pizza start-up was an innovator with a "hot" pizza delivery system to this part of the U.S. almost 35 years ago. It was also the designer of its proprietary, hot oven system installed in all of its fleet of company-owned "pup" pickup trucks. The initial system utilized a unique propane gas, heating system to delivery "hot" pizza to homes, business.

Jun 24

June is Dairy Month!

Thank you Idaho Dairy Farmers for giving us our favorite ingredient... Cheese wonderful cheese!


Mar 31

Perretta's Pizza Eaters at Chicago Connection

Vinny Perretta stars in the Perretta Pizza Eaters commercial for Chicago Connection.

Nov 09

The Journey- Feeding Bronco Nation

A Chicago Connection Video Exclusive- Follow the journey of a small pizza from humble beginnings to the greatness of feeding Bronco Nation.

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